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The North Platte River is an important tributary of the Platte River and one of the most scenic rivers in Nebraska, with many curves. The north, south, and plate merge in mid-July to form the Plains River, north of Omaha, Nebraska, about 30 miles south of Lincoln.

The plate is a meandering river for a long time with many curves and turns on its way from north to south.

The river and valley played a major role in the construction of several important hiking trails for emigrants, including the Oregon-California and the Mormon Bozeman Trail. Bierstadt's canvases were popular in the late 19th and early 20th centuries because he wanted to glorify the Western frontier and its promises. The screen focuses on dramatic clouds of mist that cover mountain peaks and the sun exploding over the horizon as the cloud landscape shines in pink, violet and gold.

While many saw the term as "American expansionism," because Mexico and the Pacific were part of the US "original colonial plan for the United States, others saw it as a call to embed themselves as an example for the world. American settlers were destined to expand North America, and the obvious destiny was the notion that they were "destined" to do so. Sick - defined but palpable - she added other popular ideas of the time, including America's potential greatness and romantic nationalism. The political ideology of America, the desire to promote and defend democracy around the world, as Jefferson set out, and which Wilson and later leaders continued to do, continued to influence their political ideologies.

Bierstadt was also a member of the Rocky Mountain School and a critical interpreter of the Western landscape. Native Americans and Indians - water terms she called them, and she became friends with a group of like-minded painters who began painting the Hudson River. The Platte River was to become the second largest river in the United States, after the Mississippi, which flows into the Gulf of Mexico.

On the road, visitors can also visit the Lincoln County History Museum, which is full of local traditions and memorabilia. Whether you are interested in the history of the Civil War or the volunteers who helped in the canteen of the Second World War, the displays are numerous. Having been to several children's museums, I have to say that I have a special place for this small town. For children of all ages, it quickly becomes a family favorite, and for those who have gone through several of them, they are all fun and interesting.

The guide encourages you to watch the video first in the lobby, and I agree, as this clip provides a great summary. To allow families to explore North Platte to the fullest, contact the North Platte Convention and Visitor's Bureau for more information. They are usually open for a week - and end in April - and then open on summer days until Labor Day.

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More About North Platte