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Hundreds of boxers will be in downtown Nebraska on July 2 and 3 for the first North Platte County boxing championships approved by the U.S. government. This is a great opportunity to fight in front of friends, family and friends of boxing in your own backyard.

The event brings together fighters from around the country, including the US, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Japan and others.

Nate is a former amateur and professional boxer who has been in boxing for about 25 years and represents LBC Nebraska as tournament director. The event is sponsored in part by the Omaha Athletic Association, the Nebraska State Athletic Commission and the Nebraska Sports Commission. Nate and his wife Rex have been very supportive of the event.

North Carolina-born former NFL wide receiver Dwight Howard played for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Seattle Seahawks as well as the New York Giants, New England Patriots and Chicago Bears.

Spanish soldiers fought a bloody battle against the Pawnee and Oto Indians near the present city of Columbus, Nebraska in 1720.

The Pawnees and Otos attacked Villasur's party and he was killed (required). During World War II, the city was famous for the North Platte canteen; the Lincoln County Historical Museum has an exhibit describing the 6.5 million servants it welcomed. The town and surrounding towns, as well as local businesses, met troops and trains passing through the northern plateau, offering coffee, sandwiches and hospitality. Today, freight trains serve only North Platte as a stopover on their way to Omaha, Omaha and Omaha - St. Paul.

The park was taken over by Lincoln County Historical Museum and the North Platte County Museum of Natural History and Archaeology.

Check out our list of the state's best this year, then stroll around and sip hot cocoa and watch some adorable holiday snaps. And then there are the many, many other decorations and events that make North Platte Christmas so special, but you can't forget all of them. North Platte is not the only city to be in a real Christmas frenzy during the holiday season, but every year for about a month it turns into the most magical city in Nebraska.

The famous Candy Cane Lane is a popular spot in the area and the entire neighborhood brings some of the best decorations (one house has 75 cribs). Take a look at the Union Pacific train that will travel through town on Christmas Eve on its way from Omaha to Omaha and enjoy the time.

After Congress approved the construction of the transcontinental railroad in 1862, it was extended to Nebraska City. North Platte was the western terminus of the Union Pacific Railway, and the next section to Laramie, Wyoming, opened the following summer.

Geisler added that after meeting with the NHPA, he had his eye on hosting a horseshoe event, but the event could not take place until after the North Platte - Laramie - Nebraska City route opened. So we quickly put together an offer in early November and about two weeks later we were told we were selected, "he said.

Weigh - The draw for the competition will take place on Friday, July 31 at Best Western Plus, where the top four teams from the North Platte - Laramie - Nebraska City region will be determined. Retailers and grocers are sought to provide players with a variety of food and beverages, entertainment and entertainment. For more details about the tournament and to get involved, please call Samantha Geisler at 308-221-6865 or go to or @ PlayNorth on Facebook. The tournament will take place from July 30 to 31, with championship rounds on Sunday afternoon and semi-finals on Monday August 1.

History Nebraska members receive a quarterly edition of Nebraska History as part of their membership. The same issue contains a single issue available at the Public Library of the City of North Platte - Laramie - Nebraska. A time when one of Nebraska's best loan libraries was in a hole in the ground in Nemaha County.

The Spanish government learned of French traders who worked in the region along the Platte and Missouri rivers in the 1720s. Although the horseshoe game is not new in the region, as local clubs host the Nebraska State Tournament, the NHPA (National Horseshoes and Pitchers Association), which sanctions the "Horseshoe Tour," is new to the Midwest. Since most of his events were held in other parts of the state, such as Omaha, Omaha City and Omaha - St. Paul, Nebraska, they felt it necessary to experience this game in Nebraska.

The Horseshoe Tour was launched in 2009 and consists of three divisions: Prime, Open and Open Divisions, and the Open Division Championship. In 2012, the "Open Division" was added, allowing players with the lowest average to participate in the same format as the Prime Divisions, but with restrictions and lower payouts.

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